Homemade Energy Tea

My husband works nights. It’s a hard job for him to stay up all night, and sometimes he needs a little extra caffeine. He always liked to buy energy drinks. Sometimes he would drink two or three of them every night. This was starting to hit our budget pretty hard.

So I started looking for an alternative. Everything I could find on Pinterest told me how bad energy drinks were. Yes, I agree energy drinks are not the healthiest drink out there. But I also know my husband and he doesn’t like “weird” natural stuff, plus he needed something to be able to stay up all night and work. So I came up with my own recipe. It’s healthier than a regular energy drink, but it still has lots of caffeine and sugar. It is also much cheaper than buying two cans a night. And he liked it and said it worked.

1 lemon
3 bags green tea
1 family sized iced tea bag
2 inches ginger
1/2 cup lemon juice (or another lemon)
3000mcg Vitamin B-12
60mg Ginkgo
1 cup sugar
6 cups water

Shred ginger and slice lemon. Mix in pan with water and vitamins. I just use supplement pills and they dissolve. You can put in whatever you like.

Pour in the water. Simmer on low for around 30 minutes.

Strain out the lemon and ginger. Mix in the sugar while the tea is still hot.

Fill the bottles you are going to put the tea in half full of cold water. (I was reusing water bottles at first and accidentally melted one by adding the tea first.)

Fill the bottles the rest of the way with the tea mixture.

You may need to add more sweetener depending on your tastes. I use liquid stevia.

Refrigerate then enjoy.