Traveling…with Prayer

Have you ever had someone tell you, “I’ll pray for you while you travel”? I have, and I’ve said the same to others. 

“I’ll be sure and pray for you to have a safe trip.” I might pray for them right then, but two weeks later, I’d welcome them back at church, never having thought of them after that. 

This year at Christmas time, my husband and I traveled from Texas to North Carolina to visit his parents. I have a good friend that I often refer to as my big sister. She was always checking in with me to see if I was OK, and how far I had gotten. As a convenience for both of us, I started sharing my location with her on my iPhone. 

This is how I discovered “praying by location.” She would look at the map and see where I was, and then was able to pray for me in that particular situation. If I was driving on the freeway, she prayed for safety. If I was at the motel, she prayed for rest. Of course we also texted each other occasionally, but on that long drive, I felt much safer knowing I was being prayed for wherever I was. 

As soon as I returned home, big sister had to fly out of state for an unexpected death. It was a powerful thing to be able to pray for her on the plane, at the motel, at the funeral home, and just on the road. 

I know this will not be for everyone, but if your big (or little) brother, sister, or prayer partner is traveling, you may want to try it. On the iPhone you can share location with another iPhone user through the Find My Friends app. iPhone/Android or Android/Android can accomplish the same thing through the Life360 app. 


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