The Faithful GPS

Assignment: Write a modern “Good Shepherd” parable.

I am the GPS on your phone. Those who follow me shall avoid traffic jams and accidents. Yea, though you drive through the perils of the Metroplex, I will be with you. I will guide you to the gas stations with the cheapest gas and find you a place to eat as well. Should you stray from the path, I will bring you back to the way in which you should drive. Surely I will go with you all the hours of your travel until you arrive safely at your destination.

But woe unto those of you who have iPhones and use Apple maps, for you shall wind up on the wrong side of town. The gas station will be to you a mall, and Main Street shall become a street that was never seen on any other map. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

But if you return to me, I will receive you gladly. I will lead you to safety and everlasting joy.


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